You’re on a journey and your map better be accurate.

You’re on a journey and your map better be accurate.

When pursuing a new journey we often look to others for guidance. It may be a coworker, a professor, a family member, or a professional in the field we are chasing.

Since we are in the business of fitness, I will make this post related to health and fitness.

CrossFit defines health as fitness throughout our lifetime. Having a higher level of fitness can increase your health markers and in return give you greater longevity.

So how do you map out this journey to maximize your potential?

First, I strongly suggest finding a qualified coach in the field. You can spend your time searching google, reading articles, or watching videos on the topic you wish to know more about, or you can find an expert to take out the guess work.

Once you have found a coach, now it’s time to create your map. If you choose a good coach, they can help you create it. Write down your goals like a destination on your map.

After you have created your destination you will need to create bus stops along the way and give yourself an actionable plan on how to get from your starting point to your first bus stop.

Now that you have your map it’s time to get started! Keep track of your journey and check in on yourself to make sure you are still going down the path you desired.

But what if I fail?

Failure is inevitable. You will get a flat tire or run out of gas somewhere along your journey.

Everyone we look up to has failed dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of times. Michael Jordan’s iconic nike commercial is all about how his failures allowed him to find success.

Elon Musk has been on the verge of bankruptcy multiple times and he now holds the highest net worth of anyone.

Failure doesn’t matter. What does matter is how you react and how you handle the situation.

When failure happens, talk to your coach. They will help you get your mind right and back on the right path.

What do I do when I reach my destination?

Draw a new map!

Your journey of life is always changing. You will find new obstacles, new goals, and new growth as long as you have a destination in mind. Your map will most likely need to be modified along the way.

Now that we have laid out the plan it is up to you to get out there and take action.

Find a coach.

Choose a destination.

Choose your bus stops.

Create your routes.

Overcome obstacles.

Repeat. The journey never ends.