Why is it always ALL or NOTHING.

Think about our mindset when we approach a workout or any life situation. When we go to lift in Crossfit for a strength session or workout we build strong habits by lifting and functional movements. When we go to the gym, we would never promise ourselves that we’re going to make EVERY lift on a heavy day. We make some, and some we don’t and that’s okay. There’s always room for errors and growth.

Its what makes us human. To promise perfect performance is asking for failure.

This concept we can also apply to our nutrition focuses. We do not need to promise that were going to eat healthy or clean 100% of the time. Its important to find balance and listen to our bodies and what feels right. If we eat something, we feel we shouldn’t, its not the end of the world. Its important to keep our mindset flexible enough to be okay if we stray a little. Each minute, moment, meal, and day is a new slate for us to refocus on our bigger “why” and our goals.

So this week lets work on making promises to ourselves that we can keep.

This blog was written by our Nutrition Coach, Heather Blosser