Movement and Mobility

When working on our fitness we need to come out unharmed and with a full range of motion in our joints. We like to focus on mobility because we know how important it is for everyday life.

Most adults have some nagging injury. It could be an old shoulder injury from high school baseball or your back flares up when carrying the groceries.

Pain is a lagging indicator. What I mean by that is if you are in pain, the harm is already there. Lagging indicators include:
•Loss of Force Production
•Decrease in Range of Motion

We can fix these, but we would like to address the issues before a lagging indicator shows up. We can use leading indicators to fix the problem before a lagging indicator becomes an issue.

Our leading indicators are position and movement. Can we hold the bar in the front rack position? What about pulling a deadlift without rounding the back?

When looking at these musculoskeletal problems we will break them into three categories.

  1. Pathology – Are you losing weight rapidly, having cold sweats at night? If it’s something pathology related we will refer out to a specialist
  2. Catastrophe – A catastrophe would be something like a broken bone or a torn acl. Again we will refer out got a specialist
  3. Movement Related Function – Position and Movement. We are the specialist that can help!

Remember we should be able to move with full range of motion without pain. If this isn’t the case come see us! We can help!