I joined Crossfit CTRL in February, as part of a 6-week challenge. During Week 5, social distancing and stay-at-home directives were announced.

Despite a totally unplanned shift from in-gym to at-home programming, my experience has been really great. Better than great. Devan, owner of Crossfit CTRL, has modified each and every workout for all of his members to complete at home, varying the details based on ability and available training gear. 

I’ve been able to make significant progress and I’m seeing improvements beyond what I expected. I joined the gym to get moving, become part of a supportive community and give myself some structure for meaningful healthy changes. I’ve experienced all these things and so much more. I was a little unsure about the shift to home workouts, and I worried that I might lose momentum. But instead I’m seeing significant body composition changes, improved energy, reduction in aches and pains, and my cardio endurance is wildly improved.

I feel completely supported and empowered to continue working toward my wellness goals. Devan sets aside time to check in with me (and all gym members) weekly. In addition to sending customized workouts several times a week, he answers all of my questions and helps encourage me to stay accountable to my goals.

Please join Crossfit CTRL and work out with us!