Be the best YOU

Recently, I competed in a CrossFit competition. Was I there to win? Sure. If it was possible.
But what I was there for was to “Be the Best Me”.

By focusing on only what I COULD do, I lifted a 150 pound stone, flew through my max calories on the bike and burpee box jumps felt effortless (and I also had a TON of fun!). This was because all I was focusing on was my best I could do at that moment.

Too often we compare ourselves to what and who surrounds us which can hinder our mindset. If we learn to let that comparison go, it opens us up to a world of possibility. If we focus on only what we can do to “be our best” in this moment, today and tomorrow then were never disappointed. If we give everything we can, then it’s a win.

We can’t control how many reps the guy beside us does, or what his training program looks like or the nutrition program he follows. What we CAN control is what our effort looks like, what our nutrition program looks like and how hard we push ourselves.

So this week let’s let what we cant control go, and each day “Be the best YOU”

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

  • Theodore Roosevelt

This blog written by our nutrition coach Heather Blosser, CFL1, PN1