Break The Rope

Have you been to the circus and remember seeing the giant elephants being with a tiny rope holding them back? Do you remember thinking “how is this possible?”

When the baby elephant joins the circus it has a strong rope tied around its neck which is then secured to a pole. The baby elephant pulls and tries to break free but is no match for the rope. The elephants tries day after day until surrendering to the rope. Now, when the elephant is fully grown and capable of tearing the rope, it still believes this rope is its leash.

As kids, we are often told what we can and cannot do. Much like the elephant and its rope we start to believe this is our limit, regardless if it is true or not. We build our identity from what others may think.

The elephant is held in place by the small rope not because of the ropes strength, but because of the strength of the elephants limiting beliefs.

You are grown and the rope is small now.

Break free.