Core Value: Be as nice as you possibly can

Be as nice as you possibly can to everyone you interact with daily, regardless of how they treat you.

This is one of our core values at CrossFit CTRL.

I interact with a lot of people daily. From our group classes, personal training, free intros, and that’s just in the gym.

Most people are nice in return, but there are always a few that seem to be having a bad day.

I had a call with a person that was so upset they didn’t receive a walmart gift card that they screamed at me for a few minutes.

I have two options in that situation. I can yell back, or I can be as nice as I possibly can to this person.

Always choose the latter.

Odds are that person is just having a bad day and when they hear kindness from someone else they often change their tone.

We are here to help people. We are here to change peoples lives by providing the best fitness and nutrition programs around.

We are also here to make your time with us the best hour of your day.