In life we are sometimes so focused on that big win or goal, the weight loss goal, the big PR in the gym, or the big transformation photo that we forget to look at the little ones. The little wins do not look or feel so big or shiny and that’s okay! Sometimes they feel so small that we don’t know that they are there or forget to recognize them.

So, what does an everyday win look or feel like exactly?

An everyday win can be anything that we accomplish in a day that gets us towards our larger goals. The smaller supporting steps that take us where we want to go. These wins sometimes don’t feel like anything at all. An everyday win can be something as small as logging all our food in a nutrition app, taking more steps each day, making a choice for dressing on the side or even just showing up to the gym!

All these small miniscule steps that do not feel like wins at all slowly lead us to those big feel good wins. If we take the time to recognize and celebrate these, they become habits which adds up to become our larger goal.

Everyday wins + Recognizing/ Celebrating= Big Wins/ Goals

How do we celebrate these wins? Great ways to celebrate are saying it out loud, telling someone within your support system, writing it down, a self or high five to a friend or just a simple “Heck yeah!” to yourself. Whatever your small win, and whichever way you celebrate lets take a magnifying glass and look at all the amazing small things were doing!

So, this week let’s try to take some time and celebrate all the small things we do each day, who doesn’t love celebrating?