How fast do you see results?

Matt came to us 2 months after back surgery.

Before his surgery he was in pain from walking and sitting. He was having trouble sleeping at night.

He decided to sign up for our on ramp program with his wife and both of them have been a part of our 6:00 am group classes for about 3 months

Today was a big day in Matt’s fitness journey.

Just 5 months post back surgery he hit a big squat PR!

While this is a big moment for Matt, who never thought he’d be squatting over 200 lbs again, this was also a big reason why we are here.

We’re here to change lives.

In just 5 months Matt went from having trouble walking to squatting with no pain.

He chose to make a change.

He chooses to be 1% better everyday and the results are there.

The time will pass so do something worthwhile.