It’s that time again!
Time for New Year’s Resolutions.
to make your resolution stick you need a goals. These goals may be:


•spend more time with your family

•lose weight

•hit a new PR🏋️

These goals need an action plan with a deadline.

Rather than save money, we can say “I want to save $100 every month by cutting out starbucks”

Rather than I want to spend time with the family, we can say “I will be home by 5:30 everynight”

Rather than lose weight, we can say “I will lose 1lb per week by cutting out soda and eating veggies at every meal.”

Rather than jsut wanting a PR, we can say “I will perform the burgener warm up everyday for 30 days.”

I have goals, and I need help to reach them. That’s why I have coaches to help me.

Business, Fitness, Nutrition, etc. It’s okay to ask for help.

If you need help getting started please reach out to us! We love helping our community🙂