Matt Walker, CTRL Ambassador

🔷🔷Meet the CrossFit CTRL Ambassadors!🔷🔷

We are continuing our Ambassador Spotlight this week with Matt!

Matt Walker Joined CrossFit CTRL over a year ago after a back surgery. Since then Matt has earned his CrossFit Level 1 and has joined the coaching staff at CTRL. He’s dedicated to the growth of all our members.

Here are some answers to questions we asked Matt

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in West Virginia?

A:  Hang out with my family. We enjoy the outdoors, hiking, biking and fishing. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about CrossFit CTRL?

A: My favorite thing about CrossFit Ctrl is the family atmosphere. The idea of others being as proud as if not prouder than your own accomplishments is awesome!! 

Q: What is one fitness goal you have in the coming year?

A: PULL-UPS!!!! I will conquer them this year even if it’s only one! 

Q: If a workout was named after you, it would definitely have what movement?  Why?

A: The assault bike….we all know it’s my strength! 

Q: What’s one thing you’ve achieved since becoming a member? A: Becoming a coach has been one of my favorites. The thought of passing my passion of CrossFit onto others and helping them to achieve goals is very fulfilling to me.