Q: What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

A: I’ve always been told I was “too skinny”. So I wanted to make a change & gain some weight in a good way. 

Q: What was your first impression? How has that changed? 

A: I was intimidated. Especially lifting any type of weight above my head. Now I’ve become addicted to adding more and more weight each class. I’ve noticed myself getting stronger. It is so rewarding. 

Q: What was your first “bright spot”? 

A: Split jerking 100lbs. When I started I could barely lift the barbell above my head (no weighs)LOL. The progress I have seen in myself over the last 4 months is amazing. 

Q: What’s your favorite CrossFit CTRL memory?” 

A: My rope climb. I took a video and you could hear my finance, Brandon cheering me on in the background as he was recording. I’ll keep that forever 🤍

Q: What do you love most about CrossFit CTRL? What keeps you coming back each month? 

A: The people. Everyone is so encouraging. It’s truly like a big family 🤍

Q: Who inspires you? 

A: My daughter. She comes to almost every class with me. She’s my biggest fan. I love showing her how strong women can be. 

Q: What is your current occupation? What are some hobbies, clubs, groups or activities you participate in?

A: Currently I am an esthetician at Tuscan Sun Spa. I recently graduated from nursing school and I plan on continuing my education with that. I love being a mom. I spend my spare time watching the kids play t-ball, cheer, gymnastics, and football. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Q: What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try CrossFit CTRL? 
A: Don’t be afraid. CrossFit is intimidating but the people in this gym are awesome. They make you feel like family. No matter how hard the WOD is you walk out feeling amazing, not defeated.