Zach had been out of CrossFit for a while and was missing the feeling of overall good health and the sense of a community.

One evening while driving home he passed our sign on Riverside Drive and he decided to give us a call. I immediately jumped in the car and met him at the gym 5 minutes later to give him a tour and he signed up that day.

Despite being a veteran CrossFitter, Zach is still hitting PRs. Most recently a 3 rep deadlift PR and Muscle ups for the first time in years.

When asked what his first impression was of CrossFit CTRL he said “Welcoming atmosphere, clean gym, good people, and it hasn’t changed.”

We also asked Zach what his favorite CrossFit CTRL memory is he said “Biking 42 calories in 2 minutes. There was a large 5:30 class that night all cheering me through it.”