Over the past 5 years I have tried to become a reader. My goal is to read 10 pages a day. Something I will either gain personal growth from, a topic I enjoy, or a fictional book with a good message.

Often when I read I forget about 80 percent of the information. Which is why I want to start reviewing books and leaving them in our blog. 

I have multiple books that have made a huge impact on my life. I plan to revisit some of these and write a review, but I recently finished a book titled “What the most successful people do before breakfast” so we’ll start with that.

First, the book isn’t just one book, but three. These three books are what the most successful people do before breakfast, what the most successful people do on the weekend, and what the most successful people do at work.

Let us start with the first section and the title of this blog, What the most successful people do before breakfast.

In the first chapter the author talks about the different levels of crazy mornings most adults know all too well. Kids, breakfast, work, and getting ready for work to name a few. But what I found interesting was the statistics from this section.

Most of the individuals written about had a morning routine that included some form of exercise at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. Getting their exercise out of the way guaranteed something wouldn’t come up later in the day. What Was interesting is even the most busy people prioritize their health.

Some other things the morning routine may include is career or personal growth exercises. Many people journal or read to start their morning off. A good morning routine will start the day right and lead to a better life.

She also says willpower is like a muscle. It can become fatigued with overuse. So try to not overload that morning routine and give yourself just a few tasks to focus on for the day.

So how do you make over your morning routine? She gives five things to work on

  1. Track your time
  2. Visualize the perfect morning
  3. Think through the logistics
  4. Build the habit
  5. Tune up as necessary

I highly recommend getting the book and reading further on these topics. Doing a deep dive on your morning routine can help your productivity levels throughout the day.

In the next section, What the most successful people do on the weekend, she explains that the most successful people find an escape from their career. This helps from becoming overworked.

They find time to escape. A good exercise she recommends is to create a list of 100 dreams. What do you want to do? It can be something small like going to the movies or something big like skydiving. Pick something from your list and make your weekends more enjoyable. 

Having the list also helps avoid the dreaded “What do you want to do?” question almost all couples know too well.

The last section, What the most successful people do at work, discusses how people misuse their time and how to find more discipline.

The seven disciplines she discusses will take time, but are worth it if you want to be more productive.

Overall I found the book to be a good read with real life examples. Most of the things found in the book were good reminders to get my morning routine more dialed in and not to waste time on small things.

Do you have any suggestions for a good book? You can email the to me at