The Last Dance

The Last Dance is a 10 part documentary series on the Chicago Bulls 1998 season. This was Michael Jordan’s last year with the Bulls and his final NBA Championship.

During the second episode Michael talks about breaking his foot during his second season in the NBA. He was ready to come back but the doctor said he had a 10% chance of ending his career if he went back too early.

He didn’t care. He wanted to be a champion.

His coach tried to give him an example. If he had a headache and was given a bottle with 9 pills that would cure the headache and 1 pill would kill him would he take the risk?

His response, “Depends how bad the headache is”.

Michael Jordan wanted to win more than anything. That 10% risk was nothing to him.

Too many people fear a small risk when the benefits outweigh the negatives. So they don’t take the chance.

Take the chance, find a coach or mentor to help you and benefit from the rewards.