Those shoes were made for walking

Or running

But not for everyday workouts.

So what shoes should you be wearing?

This has been a big topic in our gym this week. And it depends on the person.

Running shoes are designed for running. They are like little marshmallows for your feet. They are also usually unstable.

Matt had a personal best back squat after kicking his shoes off and squatting barefoot.

Chelly came in Wednesday with some minor knee pain. Kicked her shoes off and squatted 95lbs 10 times with zero pain.

What’s the difference? Those marshmallows for shoes are causing instability, and your joints are being stressed to keep that stability.

In the words of the founder of Squat University – Dr. Aaron Horschig

“You wouldn’t play football in running shoes…

you wouldn’t play hockey in running shoes…

So why do you think running shoes are good for the weight room?

Squatting or deadlifting with running shoes is like trying to lift on top of marshmellos… not very stable.”

If you are looking for a better performance shoes I’d recommend the following:

  1. Nobull trainers – I’ve done everything from a 5k to a 1 rep max deadlift in these and have no issues. These are my everyday shoes
  2. Reebok nanos – these are great all around training shoe for someone looking for a wider toe box
  3. Nike Metcons – great shoes. I have no experience with metcons but our athletes that wear them love them.