As a CrossFit coach, my goal is to give people in our community the ability to move again.

The ability to move with their full range of motion and to increase that range of motion.

Ben Bergeron is one of the best CrossFit coaches in the world. He says if we are allowing our athletes to increase weight or times without completing full range of motion we are doing them a disservice.

So what does this mean?

This means if you can’t complete a push up with your chest touching the floor you need to scale to knee push ups or even push ups on a box.

This means if your hip crease cannot go below the top of your knee (below parallel) when squatting you need to scale back to less weight or box squats.

This means if you can’t perform a dip on the rings then you shouldn’t be doing muscle ups.

I understand its not fun to scale, but its necessary for your growth as an athlete.