What’s the hardest part of getting fit?

The hardest part is getting started.

I remember when I was 15 and my stepdad took me to watch a UFC card live in Columbus. Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia to win the heavyweight title at 43 years old.

I wanted to try it.

So I spent months researching gyms near me. The closest was about a hour away.

I’d check their social media all the time.

I’d drive by and think about stopping, but wouldn’t.

It took 3 months before I finally signed up for my first class.

The hardest part was showing up that first day for an intro.

After that first class i was hooked. Ive been training ever since. I moved on to coach for ten years and have my brown belt from Ground Zero Fighting Systems in Morgantown.

CrossFit is hard, but rewarding.

We sit down with every athlete that walks through our doors. Every member has sat down and discussed their goals with a coach.

Most people that show up to their intro sign up. They’re ready to start their journey and our team of coaches will do everything we can to help.