The CrossFit CTRL Story

Our Founders

Devan & Sierra Futten

In 2016, I knew I needed a change from my poor lifestyle habits and started working mouser strength dynamics. After a big weight loss transformation, I began sharing this knowledge with family, friends, and coworkers. In 2019 I received my L1 certificate and established CrossFit CTRL. I wanted to set us apart from every other training facility. We want to provide for everyone so after opening I studied every modality to offer the best for our members. Crossfit is for everyone. you just need the right person leading you. Our coaches go through a selection process to guarantee they will keep you safe and moving closer to your goals daily.

Devan’s Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Gymnastics Course Certification
  • Burgener Weightlifting Certification
  • Jason Ackerman Coaches Development
  • TRS Mobility Level 1
  • Gymnastics Course Repeat
  • CrossFit Nutrition Certificate
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
  • CrossFit Level 3 Certification (1 of 2 in West Virginia)
  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (1 of 2 in West Virginia).

Sierra’s Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum

Our coaches

Erica VanGilder


Hi! I’m Erica. First and foremost I’m a mom to 3 amazing kids! I have Claire, who is 19 and a sophomore at WVU. Cameron is 15 and a sophomore at EFHS. And Cori is 8 and finishing up 2nd grade! I’ve been a hairstylist for 16 years. And I currently operate my own business at The Color Bar, in Mannington WV.
I started CrossFit almost accidentally. My best friend and I signed up for a 6 week challenge group that we saw advertised on Facebook and didn’t realize it was a CrossFit gym until we showed up the first night. We literally sat in the parking lot and debated even going in! Last July, I was a last minute fill in for a friend who was competing at CrossFit CTRL. I loved the atmosphere and  the members were so welcoming that I decided to switch gyms and join the CTRL family.
In September, I lost my husband very unexpectedly. I can tell you that at one of the absolute lowest points in my life, I’ve never felt more supported. Our gym members rallied behind my family and helped keep me going more than they’ll ever know.
After Marty passed away, I decided that life really is too short and I don’t want to miss out on things just because it’s out of my comfort zone. So, when I saw the Level-1 opportunity, I decided to jump on it! I’ve always thought about coaching, but never really thought I’d be able to do it. I’m really excited to see where this path leads me!

Patricia Riley

Kids Coach

I’m Patricia but I’m most commonly known as P.Riley. I started at CrossFit CTRL almost 2 years ago when my husband kept telling me how much I would love it. I had never been to a CrossFit gym before and I was terrified. Once I did my onboarding my nerves were calmed and I haven’t looked back! I have helped with the Kid’s Class for a while now and it is so rewarding to see how far the kids have come and how excited they get. It’s awesome to have my whole family involved in CrossFit and prioritizing our health.

Debra Raber


Hello, my name is Debra Raber and I’ve been at Crossfit CTRL since the doors opened. I’m married to Greg Raber and between us we have 5 daughters and 2 granddaughters. I decided to get my Level 1 certificate this past February because I honestly love helping others. I’m  a registered nurse so caring for others has always been my “job.” I’m heading up the Phoenix project for sober living community at our gym. I’m excited to see the lives that will be changed from being in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.  Crossfit CTRL has changed my life in so many ways and now it’s my turn to give back. I love the family oriented folks that are part of this gym.  The Coaches are top notch and I’ve grown so much as an athlete.  I’m doing things I never thought I could do at 49 years old. I can honestly say I love this gym,  the people, and the atmosphere.  I’m always trying to get my friends and loved ones to join the gym because I want them to feel as good as I do. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Greg Raber


My name is Greg, I’m a father, grandfather, husband, and brother. My CrossFit journey stated three years ago when CrossFit CTRL had their Grand Opening. I was the last original member to sign up. I started with three classes a week for almost a year before I took the plunge of doing five to eight classes a week. I am now addicted to my health and well being.Since joining CrossFit CTRL I have grown from being a member, Level 1 coach, and also a Nutrition coach. I was hard on my body as a youth and have paid the price as I’ve gotten older but don’t believe for a second that you still can’t do CrossFit. I have now had 10 surgeries since joining the gym – NONE of them CrossFit related. The most extensive of these has been ripping both my Achilles off the bone and a massive heart attack (The Widow Maker). But I will not quit, if anything it makes me push harder. My heart attack was genetic and both of my Achilles were from bone spurs caused by years of playing other sports and being hard on my body. I’ve also just been approved to have both knees replaced but that will happen somewhere down the road.My wife and I do CrossFit together and it absolutely brings us closer together. Every member in our gym is like family. This is where I belong, this is my home!

Alyssa Diacono


Hi! My name is Alyssa Diacono and I started CrossFit two years ago and haven’t looked back. As a former Division I and professional water polo player, CrossFit has given me the opportunity to still compete while being part of something bigger than myself- two of my favorite components of sport. I am new to the area, so I had dropped into a CrossFit CTRL class and it felt like I had been a member for years. I didn’t even try another gym. A little over a month later I joined the gym officially and am now part of the crew as a coach. There’s something special about this gym, and I am super excited to be a part of it! In my free time, you can catch me hiking with my dog, going on an adventure most likely near a lake or the beach, or reading. I look forward to seeing you at the gym!

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