Why should grandmothers lift weights?

After working through a strength cycle for 6 weeks, it was time to retest her two rep max

She set herself up, initiating all the cues we worked on over the past 6 weeks.

She pulls the barbell off the floor, keeping it close as it passes the knees. Her hips meet the bar as she locks out the first rep. Hips move back as she returns the bar to the floor.

First rep is good! She’s going for her second rep! 

Again, she braces her midline, keeps the bar close, and completes the rep. Her second deadlift looks just as good as the first.

“Patricia, that’s a new PR,” I tell her as she sits down the barbell.

“How much is that?”

“You just lifted 185lbs twice!”

Patricia safely just lifted more than her body weight twice! Since she started in July that’s an increase of 50lbs on her deadlift.

She works 12 hour shifts 3 days a week as a RN, CrossFits 2-3 Days a week. You wouldn’t know it but she’s also 64 years old. Her 13 year old grandson also works with us.

Patricia recently moved. She didn’t have to rely on anyone to help her move. She does her own yard work and shovels snow out of the driveway. She can sit and stand up(squat), pick stuff up(Deadlift), and put things on the top shelf(press) with good form. 

Being able to move and do these tasks by ourselves is vital for a healthy life. We don’t end up in nursing homes because we can squat and pick stuff up, we end up in the nursing home when we can no longer perform these tasks for ourselves.

If you want to be a badass Grandma like Patricia, you can click the link here to get started.