The impact of Jeff Giosi

Our local CrossFit community has lost a major figure as Jeff Giosi, owner and head coach of CrossFit Morgantown passed away Saturday morning. Jeff and his wife Sarah impacted more than just their local community at CrossFit Morgantown. I would like to share the story of how Jeff, Sarah, and the whole CFM community changed my life.

In February of 2019 I decided to join to participate in the CrossFit open. The open was a 5 week long worldwide competition where you could participate at any local gym. My coach Mouser recommended CFM.

Jeff and Sarah welcomed me into their gym and allowed me to compete in the open. They hosted what they call OMG (Open Members Gatherings) on Friday nights during the open season. OMG consisted of a different theme each week with intramural teams competing against each other as well. 

All these things about CFM are amazing, but there was one thing that really stood out and left me with wanting to bring an affiliate like CrossFit CTRL to Fairmont. It is the family-like community.

Nobody knew me when I showed up for my first open workout, but Jeff and Sarah built this amazing community of people that welcomed me like I had been training there for years. I couldn’t wait for OMG Fridays and would even go in on Mondays to retest the workouts. The support of CFM was unlike any other.

By the time the 2020 Open, which was hosted in October of 2019, arrived we were already in the process of starting CrossFit CTRL. 

Not only did Jeff welcome me back to CFM for the open, he allowed me to shadow his classes so I could prepare for the open of our affiliate. 

The snowball effect of OMG Fridays led me to leave a desk job and pursue coaching full time. We’ve been able to change dozens of lives because of it.

Thank you to Jeff, Sarah, and the entire CrossFit Morgantown community for your impact on my life.