The first step is showing up to your intro.

We do a free intro with every athlete that walks through our doors.

During the intro you would sit down with one of our coaches and go over your previous experience, what your goals are, and why you want to achieve these goals.

We want to make sure we provide you with the write program.

The second step is showing up to class.

Most of our members have gone through our on ramp course. This provides individual attention to the athlete and prepares them for group class.

After on ramp they join group. All of our members do at least 3 group classes a week. This is the recommended MINIMUM to see results.

If you don’t show up to at least 3 days a week we can’t guarantee your results.

I understand life gets in the way, but we have multiple classes everyday. 3 times a week is doable. Set a schedule and don’t let the snooze button or post work blues get in your way.

The third step is listening to your coach

Our coaches are there for a reason. We all started exactly where you are and we know how frustrating it can be to want the instant results.

There’s a lot of things you will accomplish when you stick with CrossFit. Don’t feel the need to hit the Rx button everyday just because you can. Remember the intended stimulus of the day.

Bonus advice! Ask questions!

Our coaches are here to help but we can’t always see what’s going on and we definitely can’t read minds. If you feel uncomfortable with a movement or don’t understand ask or tell your coach and they will help!