Only you know and can control your capacity

When I decided to write this blog it was originally an idea of physical capacity, but as I think about the individuals I interact with I wanted to write about our mental capacity. I wrote the blog and then wanted to add what my daily schedule looks like

For myself, I am a father of a 5 year old and 6 month old twins. As I write this I have stopped three times to either change diapers or feed. I’m also a husband and a business owner who manages two CrossFit gyms and a rental company. My wife also works in the CrossFit gyms and runs a photography business on the side. We work together everyday to provide for our family and still manage our health.

We have people tell us all the time they don’t know how we do it, but we don’t know another way. Our mental capacity allows us to maintain such a high output.

Everyday we interact with athletes going through different things. Time, money, injuries. We all have struggles. But what sets people apart isn’t their struggles, it’s their capacity to handle these struggles.

I’ve had a mother of one tell me she’s too busy because of the child while a single mother of 4 attended class 3-5 days a week.

I’ve seen someone pull up in a Mercedes with the newest iphone tell me CrossFit wasn’t in their budget, while another athlete making $10/hour made it work.

I’ve trained two athletes in the same class recovering from achilles surgery, with someone on the other side of the room saying they couldn’t do it.

Some people can handle the stress of 20 things on a deadline, others can’t handle one. 

So how do you fix this capacity?

First, you must understand what you can handle. It does not matter what the other 7 billion people in the world can do. You can only handle your thoughts and control your outcome in life.

Second, organize and prioritize. Know what is important to you and put it in your schedule.

You are able to increase your capacity over time with the right steps. Talk to a coach for help. It can be a therapist, a fitness trainer, or a mindset coach.