Staying on track with nutrition while traveling, on the go or everyday life

As I am traveling this week, I started focusing on how I can stay on track with my nutrition and still enjoy myself. It also led me to think about all the celebrations in our lives and how it seems that every month we have a holiday to celebrate on top of other personal events. So, it is important to make sure that we have the tools to keep us on track while still enjoying ourselves. Here are some helpful tips to stay on track while celebrating events and traveling!

Tip 1 Plan/Do Research

When were on the go for vacation or eating out for an event, the best thing that we can do is do some recon of the places that we are going. Looking at a restaurant’s menus ahead of time can help take the stress out of making a healthy choice on the fly. If we plan out and decide what were going to eat before we get there its less tempting to choose something unhealthy. When going to restaurants try sticking to the plate method picking a protein, vegetable and carbohydrate. Try a burger or chicken without the bun! If you’re traveling, do some research to find local grocery stores to grab some snacks or meals to stay on track.

Tip 2 Pack!

 If you are going to a location or event that you can pack or bring your own snacks bring them! Coming prepared can help to minimize temptation of other snacks. If you are at a work party and bring a healthy swap for a normal snack. My favorite is a buffalo chicken dip swap using plain Greek Yogurt, ranch seasoning packet and fat free cheddar (no one ever knows the difference!). If you are traveling, make sure to bring your own snacks you will be prepared and likely to save money. Good to go’s are any granola bars, protein bars, fresh fruit, pretzels or popcorn!

Tip 3 Stay Hydrated

Our body is the biggest trickster of all, most of the time that we feel hungry our body is just asking for water. So, staying hydrated can help to curb snacking or unwanted eating. Hydration is also important when traveling which can put stress on the body and cause excess water retention (especially when flying!)

Tip 4 Stay Active

Keep moving! Its important to keep our normal exercise routines as much as possible while at home or on the go. If we keep our bodies moving while were traveling or at home, then we can keep a sense of normalcy. Staying in a routine can help to keep us on track. If we are at home, we can try to sneak movement in by parking further away, taking the stairs when were able to or walking with coworkers. If were traveling, we can either drop into a local gym, use the hotel gyms which usually have minimal cardio and weight equipment, movements can or even bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere. If you are traveling try checking out some local parks, walking or running trails.

Tip 5 Don’t Stress!

We are all human and there is a fine balance between our health/nutrition goals and happiness. If we do reach for that snack or meal we should not have, its fine! When indulging try to ensure that we have one serving and do not overindulge. We are all allowed to have cheat meals here and there and enjoy the wonder of food. On your outings or vacations plan your splurges and let it be something special and a treat. The important thing is getting back to our normal habits after that one meal.