Cure for type 2 diabetes.

It’s good nutrition habits and exercise.

CrossFit HQ have 20 years of studies to prove it.

In healthy individuals, blood glucose levels are controlled through the actions of insulin and glucagon.

Insulin lowers blood glucose levels by encouraging certain tissues to take up glucose from the blood;

Glucagon raises blood glucose levels by increasing the release of glucose from the liver into the blood.

Insulin resistance, and later diabetes, develops when the body is no longer able to regulate blood glucose, and specifically, when insulin is unable to reduce blood glucose levels effectively.

Exercise maintains or improves skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity and as a result reduces risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

Exercise increases skeletal muscle insulin activity in the obese, while sedentary behavior decreases it.

The ability of the muscle to take up and burn fuel is a strong predictor of whole-body insulin resistance.

Unfortunately, despite this consistent evidence and widespread recommendations to increase activity levels among those who have or are at higher risk of having diabetes, patient compliance with exercise regimens remains low.

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