Going heavier often makes the workout easier.

The elevator pitch definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.”

Constantly varied means we don’t do the same thing everyday. We change it up to keep it fun.

Functional movements are the movements used in everyday life. Deadlifts, squats, running, etc.

Intensity is equal to a certain amount of work over time.

I was able to workout with the 4:30 group last week and loaded up my bar with the recommended 155lbs, knowing it wasn’t a good idea.

I made it through the first two parts no problem, but when it came to the barbell I was taking big rest breaks, which allowed my heart rate to recover and intensity to go down.

It looks like I’m doing more work because its heavier, but the person next to me using 95 lbs and finishing in a third of the time is getting a better workout because their intensity is higher.

So remember the intended stimulus of the workout and aim for that. Don’t feel like you need to hit that ”Rx” button every day.