We have all been there before, its Friday night and all week we’ve been “working for the weekend” and ready to unwind. I’ve seen this pattern in many people (even me!) that we are strict for the five-day work week and then the wheels fall off on Friday night. Then the wheels seem to stay off until we get back at it Monday morning.

Trust me I totally understand!

The big challenge with the weekends is its easy for us to stumble off our nutrition from the past week. The weekdays are easier for us to stay on track. Most of us have jobs or a schedule that keep our days on a routine. This makes it easy to stick to our good eating and physical habits.

So, is there a way to enjoy the weekends, be social, let go of some of the rigid rules we have M-F and still see the progress we want?

OF COURSE! Check out these tips to help us stay on track for the weekend.

1) Weekend Routine!
If we try to stick to a similar routine to our weekly schedule this can help with transitioning from weekday to weekend. Wake up at the same time you would to get ready, get enough sleep, drink water all the same things we do Monday through Friday. We just add the fun activities with family and friends on top of this!

2) Move!
Even though the weekends are to relax, we still need to get some movement in. Drop in on a Saturday workout at a gym, go for a run, hike or something fun outside! It doesn’t have to be workout centric, but we want to allow our bodies to get some movement in. The weekends should not be a total couch potato Netflix binge session.

3) Plan!
If we plan or prep meals and snacks ahead of time it makes the decision process easy to just grab and go. We also can plan for those weekend outings to restaurants or takeout meals. Looking at menus ahead of time for planned outings we can find an option that does not break our nutrition bank (always try for a lean protein and a veggie when in doubt!). Do not leave yourself hungry without a plan!

4) Make smart choices when indulging!
Were all going to have those moments when were out and want to indulge a little. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance, enjoy yourself but try not to over-indulge. Focus on having one serving of whatever we are indulging in. We can enjoy ourselves and make good choices and reflect on them. Are they getting us closer to our goals? Are they worth it? Can we still enjoy time with our friends without overindulging?

We want to have a balance of having our cake and eating our broccoli too! We just want to make sure that we stay aware of the choices that we make and our health goals.

Take these tips with you into this weekend and come into Monday feeling proud of yourself rather than overwhelmed and defeated. The most important thing is realizing that leading a healthy lifestyle should not mean giving up the things you love or restricting yourself. We can learn still enjoy your favorite foods and activities in a mindful and balanced way.

This blog was written by Heather Blosser