Q: What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

A: First, my sister started coming to the gym. Then my wife signed me up for Christmas because I used to do CrossFit on my own as a teenager and love working out in general.

Q: What was your first “bright spot”? 

A: One of my first bright spots is realizing that I’m not getting too old to still achieve the best exercise results in my life. Thirty isn’t that old, but sometimes we get in our own heads. Anyone older than me might laugh at that thought. An old twinge in my lower back among other aches were convincing me that I didn’t need to push it too hard anymore. This is a sad thought for someone like me who loves exercise and still has fitness goals to achieve. I still want to run a marathon. Finishing an Ironman Triathlon would be absolutely amazing. I’m signed up for a Spartan race this August. Something about coming to the gym has shown me that I’ve got plenty of gas left in the tank. Maybe in another year or so of CrossFit, I’ll be in better shape than I was in college and have a great base of fitness to achieve some of these things.

Q: What’s your favorite CrossFit CTRL memory?” 

A: This year’s CrossFit Open competition was pretty fun. I did much better than I thought I would. I’m excited to get in a year of training to compete again next year. 

Q: What do you love most about CrossFit CTRL? What keeps you coming back each month? 

A: One thing that I really enjoy is a sense of friendly competition among a few of the guys in my age group. I’m 30. In general the gym feels very friendly and supportive. Please don’t get me wrong. Men and woman, young and old, and so forth all come and have a fun time working out together each at our own pace. But I haven’t had a competitive outlet since high school when I played soccer and lacrosse. I have wanted to play an adult league sport or do something. I’m a male with testosterone. What can I say? Now I can go in and compete with some of the guys. It’s fun. We push each other. We encourage each other, and we’re all better as a result. 

Q: Who inspires you? 

A: My parents continue to be amazing examples. Our kids motivate me to be more than I am partly because I have a lot of growing to do if I’m going to be a good Dad. I’d say that’s much harder than getting your first muscle up. I love hearing stories of inspiring people. 

Q: What is your current occupation? What are some hobbies, clubs, groups or activities you participate in?

A: I am laid off at the moment due to Covid, but I was working in fracking. I studied Chemical Engineering. My two favorite hobbies are fitness and health and also investing/business/finance. I would really love to transition to a career in investing or business. I love learning new things. I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love podcasts and read occasionally. My wife and I are foster parents. We are in the process of adopting some of the cutest kids in the world. Those little smiles and baby noises bring me greater joy than probably anything else in my life right now.

Q: What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try CrossFit CTRL? 

A: If you really want to improve your health and fitness you will make so much faster progress with coaching and a group of friends. So many people struggle to change their diet or exercise regularly on their own. I love working out and have done it on my own for years. The coaches have solved issues I was stuck on in my personal training like a twinge in my lower back and pointed out improvements for my form that I couldn’t see like in my deadlift. It’s hard to quantify the lots of little things that you pick up as you attend classes over time, but it is significant and ongoing. The coaches really do care.

It is also much easier to be motivated to exercise and to set aside time for exercise with kids and a busy home life. It’s a relaxing and fun part of the day to go talk with people and workout together. Some days it really is the best hour of my day.