Needs don’t vary by kind, but by degree

I’ve watched the 2014 CrossFit Games documentary dozens of times. One of the quotes that always sticks out to me is when Chris Spealer was asked if CrossFit is dangerous he replied “our needs dont vary by kind, but degree”.

What does he mean by this? My interpretation is everyone needs a fitness program, but our fitness levels vary. You can see this everyday in any class at CrossFit CTRL.

How do we help all our athletes find their degree of fitness? We make it easy by finding their bus stop. 

The bus stop analogy helps our athletes find their level of fitness for the day. Here’s an example:

Movement of the Day (Bus): Muscle Up

Progressions (Bus Stops): 

  1. Ring Rows
  2. Dips
  3. Pull Ups
  4. Transition Drills
  5. Muscle Ups

Using the bus stops we are able to provide all our athletes with an option to improve their muscle up and fitness level.

If you ask yourself if you can do CrossFit the answer is always yes. We can help you find your bus stop!