Would you wake up and decide to run a marathon tomorrow? Can we just get up without any training, get up and go run a marathon? No! Our bodies and minds would be so exhausted and unprepared. So why do we expect to be marathon ready for anything in our lives when related to health and fitness?

Think about this.

What does it take to train for a marathon? Lots of training days, dedication, and perseverance. There are some days that we may not want to go for a run, but we do it anyways.

Some days we don’t want do go for a run, and so we don’t.

We have built in recovery days, training sessions with different focuses and volumes. We constantly and slowly improve with some days feeling like winners and some days feeling defeated. We may want to quit but our little legs keep going and cross that finish line on race day.

Now lets re read that from a nutrition standpoint.

Some days we eat well most days, and some feel better than others. Some days we may not want to eat well but we do it anyways. Some days we do not want to eat well, and we give in to indulgences.

We have built in recovery/indulgence days. We have different seasons of nutrition, focus and mindset with seasons (like summertime or holidays!).

We are always improving each day, and some are winners and some days we feel defeated. Sometimes we may want to quit but we keep on the slow steady grind to cross that finish line of our goals.

I challenge you to keep this in your mind this week in relation to your nutrition. Were in it for the long haul, its not a sprint but a strong steady marathon.

this blog was written by our nutrition coach, Heather Blosser