The power of positivity

The power of positivity

The other day I was coaching an athlete on the Hang Clean. As they completed the rep I told them how great their front rack position was, which led to the response of “Yeah but it’s not that much weight”. 

Our mindset is so important when it comes to growth. We want our athletes to be truly proud of all their accomplishments, regardless of weight. 

If you move better, congratulate yourself

If you move more weight with the same technique, congratulate yourself

If you showed up, congratulate yourself

Because there are hundreds of people who stayed home and didn’t put in the work you did.

I have been coaching for over a decade, working with athletes in CrossFit, Strongman, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. For most athletes the first thing we work on is believing in ourselves and creating a positive mindset.

Setting goals according to your current skill level is important. We can have a goal of earning a black belt, but that’s a long term goal, about 10 years. So we need to work on attainable goals with realistic timeframes. Working on 1-3 basic principles.

The same is true for CrossFit athletes. Focus on 1 thing and within a few months you will be impressed with yourself.

Remember, your coach was once a beginner with no experience. They just showed up consistently and put in the work to master the movements.