Doing what’s required

Everyday we complete tasks that are required to keep up with our lifestyle.

We go to work 8+ hours a day

We attend social gatherings

We take our kids to sporting events

But one of the things I am always puzzled by is how the majority of people will NOT do what is required to maintain their health.

To live long and pain free we have to do the daily maintenance on our bodies. The key to longevity looks like this:

  • Eat a whole foods diet of meat, veggies, fruit, low starch, and no sugar
  • Eat to support exercise but not excess body fat 
  • Exercise 5-6 times per week
  • Drink 1/2oz of water per lb of bodyweight per day
  • Sleep 7+ Hours

There are more things you can do to better your health, but these are the requirements.

Usually when i break this down there is always someone that says “I knew a guy that smoked until he was 102” or someone that says “My friends aunt sally never had a gram of sugar and died at 35”

These are outliers. It’s rare and should not be a reason for you to risk your life.

By not doing what is required, you are sacrificing your later years in life. Your 50s and 60s can be much better by doing these minimal tasks.
Do what’s required now so you can enjoy what you want in the future.