What has changed for Pitman after 100 classes?

Last week I sat down with Pitman to discuss how life has changed since starting CrossFit. He was the first member at CrossFit CTRL.

Q: Tell us about yourself. (Name, Fun fact)

A: “My name is John Pitman. Fun fact, I’m Left handed. I used to in my younger days box and kickbox. That’s something most people can’t believe.” 

Q: Why did you choose my gym in the first place?

A: “I used to work with you (Devan) and we were doing a biggest loser competition. You talked me into it because I wasn’t going to do it. At that time I was overweight and struggling to lose weight. So we started working out in your garage and within 6 months I lost 50 lbs and its been a constant progression from there.”

Q: What has changed over the last 100 Classes?

A: “I just keep getting better. I’m getting stronger. Initially I lost all the weight and after that I feel like I’m gaining strength and my endurance keeps increasing. You would think at some point it would level out or be done but I just keep getting better. It’s exciting.”

Q: What advice would you give to the person you were a year ago?

A: “I would definitely encourage him to start earlier and I would tell him to go back in time and tell the other John to start earlier, because it really has changed my life. It’s amazing to think someone my age is doing things I shouldn’t be doing.”

Q: What advice would you give someone looking to get started

A: “Just do it. It will change your life.”