What Katie would say to someone who’s thinking about joining CrossFit CTRL?

  1. Do it.

Don’t think about it, second guess, or give yourself a chance to talk yourself out of trying. I NEVER thought in a million years I could ever do CrossFit. I’m not athletic or graceful. I hadn’t exercised regularly in years. If you truly commit to the program for even just 6 weeks, you WILL see the results. It definitely isn’t the easiest thing I have ever done, but it is the best decision I ever made for myself. Don’t let people tell you its too hard or dangerous. That is why I love CrossFitCTRL.  If I didn’t feel comfortable, it is all scalable. The coaches aren’t pushing me to hurt myself. They do push for proper form and not over-doing it. 

I have had to scale every workout in some way since Day 1. I have never felt like anyone looks down on me for having to do it. Everyone is so encouraging. Looking back at On Ramp – Day 1, I struggled with basic air squats. I walked out of that first workout and questioned whether or not I could do this. I could barely walk afterwards. But I went back for Day 2. It wasn’t any easier. My body just wasn’t used to moving at all, but I kept going back. In a 6 week period, I was looking at 16 workouts. I figured I could handle anything for 6 weeks. While I wouldn’t say it is easy, my body began to adapt. Soreness became manageable. I was eating better. I started weighing my food, counting calories, and doing everything possible to hit my macros.  It made a world of difference in not only fueling my body for energy, but also helping me to recover from intense workouts.

I was shocked at my 6 week challenge final weigh in. I didn’t really weigh myself during this process. I think maybe twice after my initial just to make sure I was heading in the right direction. When I signed up, Devan told me to trust the program. That as long as I committed to it, I would see results. I saw more result in 6 weeks, than I ever thought possible. I shed some pounds, lost body fat, and gained muscle mass. 

I went home to visit family right after the challenge. My parents couldn’t believe the change in me. It is all my Mom talked about. Every time she looked at me, she kept saying how she couldn’t believe how different I looked. My secretary at my work was stunned, and has now looking to make a change as well. She just wishes CrossFitCTRL was in Lewisburg, WV. I had people in the grocery store stopping to tell me how good I looked. It has been unreal. 

By far, the best 6 week commitment I have ever made. If you stick with it, and truly follow the program you won’t regret it.

-Katie, CTRL Member