What’s changed Katie’s life since she joined CrossFit CTRL?

  1. So much has changed, since I started at CrossFitCTRL. Two big changes have been fitness and nutrition. Both pretty obvious. However, it is more than that. Your entire mindset changes with this. I feel my mindset has really changed into more of a “adapt and overcome” set. I had to visit family recently. Before I went, I found a couple CrossFit facilities that I could drop in with, so I wouldn’t miss a workout. This NEVER would have happened before I joined. I was very much a “I’m on vacation/trip, I’m not working out”.  I always feel so good when I complete a workout – proud that I actually made it through. I didn’t want to miss that feeling for a whole week. When one of those classes canceled at the last minute, I did a WOD in my parents garage. I wasn’t going to miss a Monday night workout.

I plan a lot more. I plan all my meals, which workouts I am attending. I’m now setting goals. I have a “busy season” October 1-December 15. It happens every year. Typically, I work 6 days a week with 10-14 hour days.  Every year I am always prepared business-wise, but I never take care of myself. Usually, if I am lucky I eat once a day. I never exercised. That time of year it is all work, all the time. This year, I am putting my health first. My job isn’t worth me destroying my body. So not only am I focused on plan material, contracting, recertifications, and marketing, I am trying to figure out how to maintain this lifestyle I have adapted. I am scheduling my CrossFit workouts as appointments that can’t be cancelled. I am planning meals that are quick and easy when I am home, and planning meals I can eat on the road. I refuse to let this one time of year derail everything I have worked so hard for. Besides, I have a 3-monthe weigh in hitting towards the end of AEP. It is a constant reminder of what I am striving for. When I go home at Christmas, I want people to be shocked again 😊.

-Katie, CTRL Member