Why do we need a coach?

When I started my fitness journey I only had one goal, to lose weight. The problem is I didn’t really know how to do it. So I started running 3 days a week and lifting weights 3 days a week. Before long I found myself very bored of this routine and didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing.

So I found a coach.

John Mouser, owner of Mouser Strength Dynamics in Morgantown, was training athletes out of the gym I train BJJ. I would usually arrive early and talk to Mouser while he was in between sessions. He started to change my mindset from “Lose weight” to “Strength and endurance gains.” I started working with him a few weeks later.

Since then, I’ve worked with Mouser to do things I never thought were possible. I was able to compete in 4 CrossFit competitions, 2 strongman competitions (I won Strongest in the forest thanks to his programming), 2 Obstacle course races, and a 50k (31.25 mile) trail run.

Why was this possible? Because I removed the guess work and found a coach.

I personally sit down with everyone that walks through our doors and do a no sweat intro. One of the questions I always ask is “Have you been part of a fitness program before?” Almost everyone has a Planet Fitness membership because it’s only $10 a month.

So I ask why they aren’t using their membership there. I get the same answer every time, “I don’t know what to do.”

Planet Fitness makes money if you DON”T show up. How could they possibly get everyone inside at $10 a month? The truth is they don’t really care wether you change your life or not.

We care, and that’s the difference. Our coaches want you to change your life, because we’ve been through it.

If you want to take out the guesswork, we can help!