Why would you care?

Why would you care what others may think or do? Do their opinions or actions define you?

I’ve been coaching for over a decade.

I’ve been involved with CrossFit for 4 years and have owned and operated our gym since December of 2019. There will always be that one person.

That one person that shaves reps or does the reps at half depth or doesn’t lockout in extension. You probably don’t care until they start moving up the leaderboard.

But does that leaderboard ranking actually define you or change the work you’ve put in?

Does their inability to work on themselves effect the work you put in?

It’s not a trick question. Whatever that other person is doing has no effect on you.

If their work is bothering you let a coach know. We want to make sure everyone is getting the full benefit out of their workout. And miscounting reps or not doing the movements correctly will not get them there.

Just remember why you started. And if you forget we can give you a reminder.

It’s to be as fit as YOU can be for as long as possible.

We want you to be fit into your 80s.

So remember, focus on your goals and your fitness.