Consistency leads to results

When we start a new habit, whether a new exercise routine, a diet change, or a new hobby, it takes time to see the results. Studies have shown it takes 21 days or more to create a new habit.

Unfortunately, most people drop off after the first 3 days.

To see the changes we want, we need to commit to the time required.

For our program, we recommend people start out 3 days per week for the first month, then move to 4 or 5 days per week. Our program is 1 hour and includes a warm up, cooldown, teaching, progressions, and a workout. All coach led.

At CrossFit CTRL, we have removed the guesswork for your fitness program. Just show up consistently every week to see the results.

Results take time. Quitting because you don’t see the results you want fast enough won’t bring you closer to them.

A diet change can be even harder, that’s why we recommend working with a coach in a 1 on 1 approach.

Eating right is already overwhelming and 1 meal can set you back for the day. That’s why it’s important to continue just one new habit for 1-3 weeks before adding a new one.

Think about it. If you have ate fast food and drank soda for the past 10 years, are a diabetic, and overweight, you will definitely struggle to go straight to water and broccoli. That’s why a coach can help you simplify the approach to a new you!

Rather than making a drastic change, start with changing to diet soda for 1 meal and water for the rest of the day. Or your coach can help you create a fast food menu that is within your calorie and macronutrient goals.

To see faster results with your consistency, find a coach to guide you.