CrossFit athletes see amazing results when they dedicate 3 or more hours a week to their fitness. However, we tend to see about 30% of athletes drop off after the first month.

Why does this happen? Honestly, we don’t know. We hear about kids, work, and money. But weren’t all these things a part of our lives before we signed up?

The truth is, there’s always going to be a reason to skip the gym. You can turn anything into a reason to skip.

My son is sick.

My dog ate my sock.

I have the sniffles.

It’s the holidays.

The list goes on…

But what about work? We don’t skip work for these things? You can make 40+ hours for work but 3 hours in the gym is too much?

The truth is the athlete has not seen results to warrant the change.

They have to want it. They have to want that weight loss, that strength gain, that endurance change. 

They have to want it more than they want the cookies, fries, and pizza.

You will be given 100 reasons to skip the gym today, but remember why you started and leave the excuses at the door.