The elephant in the room. Coronavirus, chronic diseases, and CrossFit

The coronavirus is a serious pandemic currently effecting everyone across the world. While it is serious and everyone should be actively helping slow the spread, we also should be focusing on preparing ourselves if we were to catch the virus.

According to the CDC study, as of May 30, 2020, among COVID-19 cases, the most common underlying health conditions were cardiovascular disease (32%), diabetes (30%), and chronic lung disease (18%). Hospitalizations were 6 times HIGHER and deaths 12 times HIGHER among those with reported underlying conditions compared with those with none reported.

CrossFit has been at the front of chronic disease reversal and prevention for years. CrossFit, Inc. has stated it “holds a uniquely elegant solution to the greatest problem facing the world today.” That problem being chronic diseases.

70% of deaths in the U.S. are attributable to chronic disease.

Done right, CrossFit and proper nutrition can provide protection against aging and disease. This is further explained with CrossFit’s Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum. The continuum explains that if you are fit you have to pass well before you are sick. Fitness is a hedge against sickness, with wellness as an intermediate value.

Think of a CrossFit trainer like a swim coach and a doctor is the lifeguard. Would you rather learn to swim or rely on the lifeguard to save you?

CrossFit is infinitely scalable to meet the needs of all athletes. Wether you played college football or you’ve never workout a day in your life, we can help you get started.

If you are ready to start, we offer group training, personal training, online coaching for those not ready to return to the gym, and nutrition coaching. You can learn more about our programs and how to get started at