If you don’t make time for wellness now you’ll make time for sickness later.

Your life depends on the choices you make each day.

My pap was a two pack a day smoker. The doctor said he way the first person he’s ever seen have three open heart surgeries and continue to smoke. My grandmother never smoked.

He would drink butter milk and eat butter sandwiches.

He was also allergic to hard work. He would use a riding mower to mow a 10×10 patch of grass. My grandmother would be be push mowing and using the trimmer.

My pap chose to give in to the temptations of cigarettes and watching tv all day.

Because he chose to abuse his lungs, digestive system, and not move he was forced to spend most of his time on his sickness. He couldn’t breath, couldn’t move because of these choices. He passed away at 62.

You have the ability to avoid that. It starts with the choices you make today.

My grandmother made different choices. She’s in her 70s and enjoys the ability to play with her grandkids.

Spend time on your wellness today or you will be forced to spend time on your sickness later.