Q: What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

A: My friend goes and she thought I’d like it. 

Q: What was your first impression? How has that changed? 

A: My first impression was this is going to be hard. My impression now is that it’s a healthy challenge and sort of sport I can dive into!

Q: What was your first “bright spot”? 

A: My first bright spot was when I realized I’m able to fully extend my knee which I haven’t been able to do since my surgeries. 

Q: What’s your favorite CrossFit CTRL memory?” 

A: My favorite memory would have to be Murph. 

Q: What do you love most about CrossFit CTRL? What keeps you coming back each month? 

A: I love lifting weights and doing complex moves. I love most the friendly and funny people. What keeps me coming back is the progress I’m making with my body! 

Q: Who inspires you? 

A: Marcus inspires me to push myself to new limits and Devan inspires me to take on new challenges 

Q: What is your current occupation? What are some hobbies, clubs, groups or activities you participate in?

A: I am currently a CNA. I like to go fishing, hangout with friends, and listen to music. 

Q: What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try CrossFit CTRL? 

A: I would say how great my body feels from working out and how much better my mental health is from being in such a great environment.