Member Spotlight: Whitney


Q: What brought you to CrossFit in the first place? 

A: Curiosity and a friend’s recommendation

Q: What was your first impression? How has that changed? 

A: I was nervous because of the hearsay about other CrossFit gyms. It’s the best part of my day now when I get to workout at the gym.

Q: What was your first “bright spot”? 

A: 5 strict push ups

Q: What’s your favorite CrossFit CTRL memory?” 

A: My first CrossFit competition with Heather and Marcus. It was cold, rainy and I was so nervous about the workouts. Marcus helping me keep relaxed and having fun and Heather coaching and encouraging me when she knew I needed it. It was amazing the adrenaline, the teamwork and support! Learning that I can do so much more and that there is even more to learn.

Q: What do you love most about CrossFit CTRL? What keeps you coming back each month? 

A: I don’t think I could pick just one! I love the sense of family we have at the gym. The coaches and members who care so much about your goals and success. The workouts that push me mentally and physically. All of these and so much more keep me coming back.

Q: Who inspires you? 

A: My family, friends, and everyone who walks through the doors at CrossFit Ctrl whether they are starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle or continuing their journey you are a rockstar in my eyes.

Q: What is your current occupation? What are some hobbies, clubs, groups or activities you participate in?

A: Research and data entry. My hobbies are pretty much anything I can do outdoors and include my best sidekick Nakota, my dog. To name a few kayaking, hiking, skiing, camping. I also enjoy reading and watching movies.

Q: What would you say to someone you love to encourage them to try CrossFit CTRL? 

A: Try because you’re thinking about it right now. CrossFit Ctrl is a gym family that is dedicated to improving the health of every individual that walks through their doors. You don’t have to be some super competitive athlete and train every day of the week, 3 days a week and you will notice the difference. You just have to want to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and Devan and the other coaches know exactly how to modify workouts and help you succeed and reach your goals.